Without Exception Paperback

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Teal Foil Cover • Paperback
Standalone Book
Trope: Secret Identity, Billionaire Romance

Arrogance is Alex Scott’s middle name!
He’s rude, obnoxious, and hell-bent on evicting me from the tattoo studio my parents and I worked so hard to perfect. It’s not just a shop to me, this place holds life, it affirms love, and it contains memories. So when my world fell to pieces twelve months ago, it’s what kept me from doing the same.

Through the darkness, there’s one shining light. A client. Xander. He’s secretive, he comes and goes whenever he pleases, but our connection is obvious. I want more from him. But he’s a mystery I am yet to unravel.

Two men. Polar opposites. Alex Scott’s a brooding antagonist, hungry for action, constantly emailing threats and incessantly driving me crazy. I won’t let him evict me. While Xander is a kind, sweet, caring soul whose only want is to look after my autistic brother and me. He’s sweeping me off my feet.

Conflict - Betrayal - Lust - Angst
Without exception, my heart will break.
One man will put it back together again.
But which one?


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