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I often get asked, "How did you become a writer?" There’s a simple answer to this question and a far more deep and meaningful version.

I’ll start with the simple answer. Back in 2012, I had a dream, not like Martin Luthor King, just a straightforward dream one night of a scene. It wasn’t unusual for me to have animated dreams, but this particular dream was so vivid it stuck with me. So the next morning, I made my way to my computer and decided to type out that scene.

That dream was about a couple meeting under unusual and humorous circumstances, and this became my first book, Trust Me.

Now for the more deep and meaningful answer to the original question. How did you become a writer? It may sound cliché, but I believe that writers aren’t made—they’re born. I didn’t know I wanted to head down this path until that dream woke something inside me—a calling, if you will. Since that day in 2012, when I began writing, I haven’t looked back.

So, did I become a writer? No, I AM a writer. I was born a writer, and I hope to always be one.

So I hope you will take this journey with me. Welcome to the world of K E Osborn. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Five things I can't live without


Whats a writer without her books? Reading and writing are my life.

Coffee & Tea

All the caffeine giving me unrealistic expectations of productivity.

My Dogs

I love my beautiful dogs Bella & Harley (as in Davidson).

Chris Hemsworth

No explanation required...


Either you love bacon, or you're wrong.

"Lord Have Mercy is what I said after reading this book. Can I just say I give it 1000 stars because K.E has brought her A-game with this series. I know it is only book one, but she brings us an MC like no other. I loved the secondary characters as much as I loved Zero and Rayne."
— Explosive by K E Osborn
"Absolutely amazing read! I was hooked from the start. OMG the characters were wonderful and relatable. K E has great writing skills and knows how to hook you into the story and feel the words on the page. You'll laugh and cry but you'll feel and that's a great writer."
— Hostile Hearts by K E Osborn
" Holy Sh!t, what did I just read? Aiden, he's yum, hot, AND rich. Need I say more? Hit me with your Aston Martin any day. This story has a little of everything, love, angst, and mystery. I recommend you read this series. I can not wait for the next book!!!"
— Trust Me by K E Osborn