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Series: Trust Me Series Books 1-4
  Billionaire Romance
  Cinnamon Roll MCC
  Rich vs. Poor
  Opposites Attract
  Emotional Scars

Trusting him could be my undoing… 

Aiden O’Connell—a billionaire, vice president, general charmer and playboy.

I want to resist him. I can’t. My past is fraught with one disappointment after the other, but the pull to him is magnetic.

To love is easy.

Trust comes harder.

An overbearing father, mysterious incidents, and embezzlement, all tell me to run.

Staying by Aiden’s side could destroy me, but leaving him could be the end of us both…



It’s a warm summer evening, the moon’s shining bright in the dark onyx sky as the stars glisten and twinkle their dazzling brilliance. The females at this party are covered in nothing but tiny shorts and skimpy tops, showing as much flesh as they can possibly get away with without it being illegal. I’m contemplating whether or not I should get a drink to quench my thirst from this incessant heat. When I look up, I find myself surrounded by people I don’t know, except for my best friend, Sarah, who’s sitting next to me and, let’s just say, she’s a little occupied.

I’m the only single person at this party—which is not unusual for me —I’m drained, and it’s starting to get late. To be honest, I’m bored with sitting on my phone scrolling on Instagram waiting for someone to come over and strike up a conversation. I don’t know why I always assume someone will because no one ever does, and I guess that’s on me.

I cough purposely to gain Sarah’s attention through her intimate lip lock with some random. “I’m gonna head home.” I talk loudly to be heard over the lousy music as her hand flies up in a rapid shooing motion.

I smirk at her inability to talk. “See you at home then,” I state as I stand.

She replies with a thumbs-up, but her lips never leave the guy. Yeah, that’s my cue to leave.

Sarah Carlisle is strikingly gorgeou —long, wavy brown hair, tall, thin, tanned—she’s everything I’m not. The guys love her, and she loves them too. Me, I’m average. Average height. Average blonde hair, average breast size, a little past average on the curvy side. In fact, I’m nothing special. I’m just Jenifer, your average girl-next-door type.

I live in Mornington Vale, California, with Sarah and her entourage of guys who come and go—some staying the night, some for a couple of nights, some for a couple of weeks—depending on how good they are in bed. Sarah’s house, bought by her parents, is medium in size. It’s amazing what you can hear from one end of the house to the other. It doesn’t bother me like it used to, though. The guys are always nice when we bump into each other at all hours of the night. She seems to know how to pick them.

I haven’t had a boyfriend or even a potential boyfriend for nearly three years since, ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named,’ as Sarah calls my ex, stealing the line from Harry Potter.

We met when we were eighteen, and we were together for five years. It wasn’t an earth-shattering, breath-stealing relationship. Actually, it couldn’t be further from the truth. He was extremely manipulative and insanely jealous. He controlled every aspect of my life, including my bank account. And, for some reason, he thought it was okay to dish out small amounts of money to me. I could never purchase anything I wanted even though it was my money.

He’d tell me what I could and couldn’t eat for every meal, even down to what snacks I could have. There was even a time when he would set the temperature of my shower. He couldn’t stand me complaining, which I did often, probably due to the fact he dictated my entire life. My self-confidence fell to an all-time low. He would go out partying all the time without me and then yell and scream when I’d question where he’d been and with who. After five years together, submitting to his every command and dealing with his accusations of me betraying him, he strayed and left me for the girl he cheated with.

Even though our relationship was never hearts and flowers, it left me shattered and heartbroken. Because as controlling and demanding as he was, for some stupid reason, I still loved him, and the thought of being without him caused me deep anxiety and hurt.

Since then, I haven’t trusted another man. I figure if I don’t date, then I can’t get hurt.

It’s as simple as that.


In my dazed and confused state, I slap the phone, wondering why my alarm won’t turn off. Somehow, I open my eyes to another day—a day just like any other. Finally, I check my phone and turn off the incessant beeping. With a big sigh and a stretch, I sit up, taking a couple of minutes to gain my bearings.

I’m exhausted from last night’s party, even though all I did was play on my phone. Out of habit, I get up, pull on my robe, and step out of my room. I’ve learned this is a good idea, since I never know which one of Sarah’s many conquests is going to be in the kitchen. And just as I thought, the guy from the party is here, in his boxer shorts, making coffee. Everything he has to offer is on show, and I can’t help but look at his amazingly sculptured body.


My mouth drops open in shock—yes, that’s right, I have zero self-control!

He turns around catching me gawking at his masculine physique, and my mouth snaps closed. My mood shifts from complete exhaustion to intrigued. I knew he was hot at the party, but now as he stands in our kitchen half-naked, and I have a much better view of him, he’s fucking sexy. His disheveled shoulder-length blond hair makes me want to run my fingers through it. Those green eyes shine brightly in the morning light, capturing my complete attention. Broad shoulders lead down to a stomach that’s ripped like a Greek god. And don’t get me started on his perfectly tanned glowing skin, like something right out of a surfer’s magazine. I bite down on my bottom lip, checking my undeniable lust.

Holy shit!

“Good morning,” he offers knowingly.

“Uh-huh,” I reply nonchalantly, walking past him with my head down and a smile that I hope he doesn’t notice. Making my way to the refrigerator, I attempt to grab some milk for my coffee only to find he’s used the last of it. My mood instantly shifts to annoyance, and I glare at him, holding the carton upside down.

“Sorry, I used all the milk.” He gives me a knowing smile.

“So I see.”

He shrugs, seeming not to know what to say, and takes himself and his coffee back to Sarah’s bedroom.

It’s time to get ready for work—sans coffee—much to my disappointment.

Through the closed door as I’m dressing, Sarah and her Surfer God laugh and fool around in her room. I’m glad she’s having fun.

“Hey, Sarah…” I wait for her to answer, but she doesn’t, so I continue, “I’m leaving for work. Have a great day,” I yell as I walk out of the house to my car to start the commute to work in my new Chevy Spark. I love my car, especially since its paintwork is in my favorite color—pink.

First stop this morning—coffee.

McDonald’s drive-through calls my name, so I pull in and place my order.

“Would you like anything else with your order today?” the cashier asks through the window.

I simply need some caffeine, but I reply nicely, “No thanks, just the coffee.” Because that’s me, the nice girl.

With the nectar of the gods in my hand, I’m now ready to make my way into work. I swear I’m an ogre without it.

I’ve worked as a receptionist at ADF Automotive Repairs for two years. It’s a great job, and it’s not too far from home. I flick the switch on the car radio hoping for some uplifting music to cheer me, but Taylor Swift is singing about breaking up. Again. Normally, I’d sing along with her, but this song always reminds me of my ex and how we are never getting back together. It’s like my own personal anthem, but today, for some reason, I feel an overwhelming sense of loss and loneliness. Maybe after being by myself at the party last night, then hearing Sarah so happy with her new guy this morning, it’s making me feel all kinds of alone. Tears well in my eyes as a sinking feeling fills my chest thinking of ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named.’ My heart starts to beat rapidly while I internally panic. Thinking of him doesn’t happen as often anymore, but when something triggers it, I can’t help the feelings that engulf me.

This morning’s been weird, I’ve felt off since last night. Now with Swift singing in the background, my heart leaps into my throat as hot, salty tears prick at my eyes. They’re making it harder to drive and blur my vision. I carefully wipe my eyes with a tissue, trying not to smudge my makeup.

As the song comes to an end, my panic seems to slow, and I begin to calm.

Internally berating myself for my emotional behavior, I know I shouldn’t ever let my ex get to me. I must be tougher than this. I am an independent, fierce woman. I will not let him take over my emotions anymore. I take a sip of my coffee as I shake whatever that shit was, attempting to relax.

He’s not worth it, Jeni.

Driving up to the traffic lights only a block away from work, I take a deep breath, pulling my shit together. “You’re a strong woman… you can do this,” I say the affirmation out loud.

Suddenly, the squealing of tires heightens my senses. A loud bang echoes through the air, causing my body to tense, followed by the car behind me slamming forward and smashing into the rear end of my car with a loud crunching sound. I jolt forward, my coffee cup exploding all over my new white blouse. The hot liquid instantly scalds my skin as it runs down my chest. The heat igniting my flesh as I let out a loud gasp.

A chain collision.


Just what I need.

Rapidly, I pull my blouse away from myself a few times and blow air down my front like a madwoman then scream, “For fuck’s sake.”

My pulse races so fast, my muscles tense, and like a raging bull, my emotional state flips. I was on the verge of tears a few seconds ago, but now I’m simply angry as hell. It seeps into my veins like frenzied sharks waiting to attack their prey. I’m raging, my car means so much to me, and now in my already emotional state, some idiot drivers have me completely unhinged. 

The two drivers jump out of their damaged vehicles and are already exchanging insurance details, as I look down and notice my new white blouse and part of my skirt is covered in a colossal coffee stain. And to top all this shit off, I’m going to be late for work.


My nostrils flare, and my heart starts to race from the adrenaline boost. I should have a flashing neon sign saying Beware on my forehead because I’m not in the mood for any bullshit.

I stomp around to the rear of my car to assess the damage, my heels clomping on the asphalt as they go. Luckily, the hit wasn’t terrible, and my car only has a few minor dents and scratches. I lean up against the side panel and try to take calming breaths. I need to rein myself in, or I swear this version of Jeni will probably end up on the nightly news. 

But my heavy breathing stutters as the man who rear-ended my car strides over to me.

With each step he takes, I feel myself becoming furious.

Shit! I can’t control it.

By the time he reaches me, I’m enraged. My morning’s been such a nightmare that I’m ready to fire off like a rocket. Bringing my hand up, I point at him and can’t help what flies out of my mouth. “You men are all the same. You’re fuckingreckless drivers. If you’d have kept the correct distance from my car when you were hit, you wouldn’t have hit me, you damn moron! Look, there’s coffee all over me.” I am waving my hands around like a complete fool. “I’m burned, and I have to go to work, which I’m now late for. Thanks to you and Mr. Bad Drivers Anonymous over there…” I trail off when I notice him tilting his head like he’s highly amused.

That shit only makes me lash out more. “Why are you all staring at me?”

Oh, for God’s sake, Jeni, rein it in!

I let out a big sigh.

The anger subsides, and despair takes over. Tears I don’t want to slip from my eyes start to well again, but there’s no way I’m letting this asshol get the best of me.

He furrows his brows with a frown. “Sorry. You’re right. I shouldn’t have stopped so close to your car. I apologize for the coffee… are you okay?” he asks. I huff, crossing my arms over my chest. His apology won’t fix my car or my damn blouse for that matter. “I’ll buy you a new top. Pay for the damages to your car, and—”

“I don’t need your charity. Thank you. The insurance company will cover the damages.” I force my details toward him and storm back to my car. I figure since he crashed into me, he can deal with the fucking mess he and the other asshole created.

I want out of here.

Right now.

Because honestly, I am making a fool of myself.

What in the world am I doing with my life?

I hop back into my car and slam the door with an exaggerated huff.

What a way to continue this fucked-up morning!


I pull up in the parking lot at work, regret swirling over me for acting the way I did in front of strangers. My boss, Melinda Starke, waits for me in the parking lot impatiently. I’m never late for work. I assume she’s worried considering I’m now nearly an hour overdue. I park my Chevy as Mel rushes over to me. “Is everything all right?”

The minute I walk up to Melinda, my rambling begins. “Sarah’s stupid Surfer God used all the milk, which meant I didn’t have my coffee. So I drove to McDonald’s, bought one, and then proceeded to spill it all over me when some idiot crashed into the back of my car, and—”

“What? You were in an accident? Holy fuck! Are you okay?”

I nod my head and roll my eyes in annoyance at myself. “Yeah, I’m fine, just a little rattled.” I give Mel a rundown of the accident, and she agrees to take a look at the damage to my car.

“Come inside so we can get you cleaned up.”

After spending some time in the bathroom attempting to clean the coffee stain from my clothes— which is as ineffective as trying to clean grease with cold water—I make my way to my desk with a cold pack on my chest.

What a crappy day this has turned out to be so far!

I sit at my desk feeling calmer as I turn on my computer and open my email account to get started on my workload when the phone rings. “Good morning. ADF Automotive Repairs, Jeni speaking.”

A man’s deep, sexy voice drawls down the line, “Jeni, my name’s Aiden O’Connell. Unfortunately, I’ve been in a minor car accident, and I was wondering if I could make an appointment to have my car repaired?”

I find myself lost in his sensual voice, and it takes a few seconds to realize he’s stopped talking. I shake my head to snap out of my trance. “Of course.” I check our availability. “We’ve had a cancellation this afternoon. We can fit you in for a consultation. One of our mechanics and a body repair technician can take a look at your vehicle and give you an estimate.”

“Great. What time?”

I find myself starting to imagine what this man looks like. Dusky blond hair, broad shoulders, chiseled jaw, maybe?

“Say about two o’clock? Bob and Mark will be free then. Please park your vehicle in the parking lot out the front. Then come into the main office and ask for Jeni. I’ll get everything straightened out for you.”

He doesn’t need to come into the main office. Let’s face it, he could go straight to the repair shop. But for some reason, I want to see this mystery man with the gorgeous voice.

“Excellent, see you then.”

I smile a huge childish grin. “See you then, Mr. O’Connell.”

We both end the call, and my mood lifts. I don’t know why, but I’m excited to see this Aiden O’Connell. I know nothing about him other than his voice is mesmerizing. Maybe I’m losing my damn mind today?

I spend the next few hours invoicing, photocopying, and doing other mundane activities, and then decide to email Sarah to see how things are going at home. 

To: Sarah Carlisle

From: Jenifer Taylor

Subject: Surfer God

Hey Sez,

Imagine my surprise this morning seeing that manly eye candy in our kitchen stealing all the milk! So I missed my morning coffee, then had a minor car accident and spilled said coffee all over my new white blouse.
So you can picture how good I look today! Please don’t worry, I’m fine, no need to panic. Needless to say, that’s made my morning eventful.

Anyway, I hope your day is far more exciting than mine has been!

Also, can you grab some more milk… please. :)  

P.S. Is he any good???

I giggle to myself as I imagine her reaction to the car accident. She’ll be panicked, and then when she reads about the spillage of coffee all over me, she’ll be in hysterics—my friends always see the funny side of my misfortunes.

I get back to my work, answer the phone a few more times, and look up at the clock. Only twenty minutes have passed since the last time I checked. I huff and continue working until the shop alarm rings. It’s twelve-thirty, and the guys will swarm the lunchroom soon. I have to get in there before all of the food is gone, and they make their usual mess, which, somehow, I always end up cleaning.

Luckily, I make my way to the fridge before them. I pull out a sandwich and a can of soda, all provided by the company. Every day they supply lunch for their twelve employees. I shut the refrigerator door, and as I turn around Tim walks past blowing me a kiss. Normally it’s customary for me to catch it as the high-pitch tenor of cackling laughter filters through the space.

“Same joke, every day, Tim. It gets a little boring,” I grunt, louder than my usual voice.

When I turn around, the guys are wide eyed, staring from my intonation. The customary blown kiss happens every day at lunch time, and I usually laugh it off with them, but my moodiness strikes again. I shake my head as the guys start to talk among themselves while I head back to my desk.

I nibble away on my sandwich, checking my email inbox. Twelve new emails! I let out a small huff and begin to open them one by one. Most are junk which I delete one after the other, and then notice a reply from Sarah.


To: Jenifer Taylor

From: Sarah Carlisle

Subject: Surfer God

U were in an accident? R u sure you’re okay? If u have a sore neck or something, u can always claim worker’s comp seeing as you were on your way to work! Lol.

I luv that new white blouse. Is it completely ruined? (By the way, trust u to spill coffee on yourself.) Anyway, that’s enough about u, let’s talk about me.

So Surfer God’s (awesome name by the way) actual name is Chris, and oh man, he’s gorgeous. I don’t know how I landed this one, Jeni! He’s so sexy, nice, sexy, caring, very sexy, considerate, and extremely sexy. He can cook. Oh, and did I forget to say, amazingly sexy? He made me breakfast in bed, even though it was almost midday. Still breakfast, right? I think this one is a keeper, I really do. Fuck Jeni, I’m honestly excited!

And to your P.S. is he any good? I think four orgasms in one session is a pretty good answer, don’t u?

Oh, and Chris says he’s sorry about this morning.

Hope work is going well. What time will u be home? 

P.S. Chris just left to go buy some milk for u and more condoms for us. Thought u would like to know that.Lol!

I type out a quick reply, because I need to get back to work and spending all day gossiping with Sarah will get me into trouble with my bosses.


To: Sarah Carlisle

From: Jenifer Taylor


Hey Sez,

First things first. Don’t forget you can’t write stuff about ‘climactic events’ or ‘protective measures’ for that matter in case my emails are monitored! I love this job and don’t want to get fired! (That’s a suck-up in case you’re reading this, Mel.)

So, from what I gather, you think he’s only average-looking.

Work’s going well. I snapped at the guys earlier when they did the ritualistic blow me a kiss at lunchtime. They are a HR person’s nightmare. I’ve been in a crappy mood since this morning. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I think.

Anyway, I’m going to actually do some work now. Have a ‘fun’ afternoon. Don’t forget to get some studying in. *said in a kind motherly voice* Should be home about five ish, hopefully. That’s if I don’t have any accidents or coffee spillages on the way home.



I glance back up at the clock, the afternoon is getting away from me. I grin because time is flying by, and Aiden O’Connell will be here soon. I’ll finally get to see if his looks match his voice.

Not that appearance is everything, but damn if his voice isn’t one hell of an attraction.


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Packed to the brim with angst and drama, you will be unable to put down K E Osborn’s Trust Me Series. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. I’ll bring the popcorn.


Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2021

Can Aiden O’Connell convince Jenifer Taylor that he’s worth the risk and that e’s not like other men? Jeni has trust issues from a previous relationship that was toxic and destructive to her confidence and self-esteem. She lives with her best friend and works as a receptionist for an automotive repair business. She loves her job and is finally finding her peace and place in the world after a toxic relationship.

Aiden O’Connell is a businessman that works for the family business. He likes his job, but it is not an ideal work situation with his father. When he meets Jenifer, he is intrigued by the woman that went off on him for his driving abilities and finds a way to contact her again. When things get strained with the family business, Aiden finds himself in a position where Jeni will have to draw deep inside to find the trust that Aiden needs her to have in him.

I really enjoyed this story and the character. The coincidences were interesting with Jeni’s best friend and roommate, and her boyfriend. I loved the easy acceptance of the families, with the one exception, of course. I loved the characters and the story. The danger, suspense, characters and the unknown, all kept the pages turning and y interest in the book. I always enjoy reading books by Ms. Osborn and Trust Me did not disappoint. I look forward to the next book in the series, Love Me, for more of Aiden and Jeni’s story. I am hoping that Jeni can find the strength that she will need to stand by her man and help him find the truth and prove it. I give this story a 5-star review!