Notorious Paperback

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Leather-look Texture Cover • Paperback 
Book 1 • Can be read as part of the complete series or as a standalone.
Trope:  Secret Identity, Age Gap, Suspense Romance


Nothing but death surrounds me.

For years, I’ve lived with the ghosts of the people who have died because of me.
I hear their screams, I see their bodies.
Like a never-ending circle, the vision replays in my mind.

Hiding, locking myself away when the voices in my head get too loud, is my only saving grace. That is until one wild night, I meet Haven at a bar. 
She’s crazy, uninhibited, a little unhinged. Everything I didn’t know I needed.

By chance, she shows up at the clubhouse a week later—our connection instant. But war is brewing between the club and the Rojas Cartel. We’re on shaky ground, and tensions are high.

While Haven is staying at the 
LA Defiance clubhouse, I notice her inquisitiveness. It seems innocent at the time, but when everything comes to light, the betrayal is brutal, and nothing is as it seems. There’s so much more going on than I could have possibly imagined.

Secrets are revealed, enemies are closer than I could have predicted, and the war I am fighting in my head, is about to consume my entire world.


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