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Standalone Book
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Series: Revel Rose Billionaires
✔ Billionaire Romance
✔ Secret Baby
✔ Opposites Attract
✔ Second Chances
✔ Emotional Scars


I hide behind humour…

Because that’s what you do to deflect the traumas of your past—to make people believe you’re something you’re not.

Completely fine.

When in fact, you’re broken—a shell of the man you want to be.

Despite my past, I made something of myself.

As the COO of my best friend’s company, I aim to be the best at everything—business, life, in the bedroom. I earned myself an ego in all areas.

Then she walked in.

Paisley Drake—the temptation I can’t resist. Spirited. Artistic. Seductive.

I have to have a taste.

But there’s just one problem—one night with her would never be enough.

I’m that guy who always ditches the next morning.

Though she’s worked her way under my skin, my past haunts me every step of the way.

I’m going to hurt her.

But when she leaves, taking a secret with her, will our guarded hearts be open enough for us to find the happiness we least expected?

Guarded Hearts is a Secret Baby Billionaire Romance. With so much steam, drama, and angst, it will tear your soul to shreds, and you’ll want to scream at your Kindle. Oh, and the kind of spice where you might need to ensure you have a fresh set of batteries, if you know what I mean…

Immerse yourself in the world of the New Orleans billionaire lifestyle and fall in love with an alpha. HEA guaranteed.



Fifteen Years Later

The music is pumping, the heavy bass rocking through the speakers as revelers dance, drink, and practically fuck on the dance floor. The atmosphere is alive and buzzing.

In my younger years, I would have found a safe haven in the music. Now, I find it gives me anxiety the longer I listen to it, with certain songs being especially triggering for me. In order to keep the outside world from knowing how sick and twisted I truly am, I keep my happy, sarcastic persona at the forefront at all times.

How I’m broken to the core.

What he did to me.

How she failed to protect me.

For all those years until I was able to leave and make something of myself to spite them.

As I sit at our favorite bar, Revel Rose, with our group of friends, I sit back people-watching. It’s my turn to be ‘designated driver’ tonight, for my best friend and boss, Nash and me, so I’m not drinking. But I have noticed Nash, isn’t drinking much either.

His head is all over the place right now over this woman he’s gone soft for, Brianna. We hired her to coordinate a fundraising gala for a client we’re trying to win. It’s a big fucking deal, and Nash, in all his wisdom, is also trying to get into her pants.

Can’t blame him.

The woman is a clear ten.

But she’s obviously putting up a fight.

It’s fun watching him squirm. I’m an asshole for thinking that, but women generally fall at his feet, so it’s great to watch him having to work for it for a change.

“So, Lucas, you found your victim for the night?” Dane chuckles.

I smirk. “You make me sound like a serial killer.”

Tahlee laughs. “More like a serial sprinter. Fuck and flee… that’s your motto, right?”

Cleo and Asher both chuckle.

I shrug. “It’s the best way. No strings attached. No issues.”

Nash shakes his head. “It’s gonna get you in trouble one day.”

I shrug. “Always wrap it up, don’t want any accidents happening out there. Shit, can you imagine?”

Everyone laughs, and I shudder.

Cleo sighs. “You’re just not father material, Lucas. You’re too much of a playboy. I don’t think you’ll ever settle down.”

I don’t take offense to her words because I don’t think I ever will either. It’s just not on the cards for me. “Bachelor life, all the way. I have too much shit to do on my own time to be worried about taking care of a woman and kids. No, that shit is definitely not for me.”

Nash grips my shoulder. “At least you know what you want, and you don’t try to trick women into thinking you’re something you’re not. Gotta respect you for—” He snaps his head toward the bar. “What the fuck!”

We all turn to follow his line of sight, and I see Brianna talking to Marcel, the bar’s owner. She’s dolled up, looking like she is here for a night out.

Oh, this is not going to be good.

“Nash, play it cool. Remember how last time you spoke to her, she called you a stalker? You don’t want to make a scene.”

“I fucking do want to make a scene. We have a meeting with her in the morning, and she is out partying. She should be preparing the presentation details of the gala.”

I snort out a laugh. “It’s the weekend. Brianna is allowed time off, Nash. You’re here, aren’t you?”

He doesn’t even hear what I say because he continues without stopping, “And looking like that! For all the men in here to ogle her.”

Tahlee smirks, shaking her head. “Get a grip, Nash. You’re not dating the girl.”

He grunts, picking up his drink and taking a long sip. His eyes linger on Brianna as she grabs two shots from Marcel and then hands one to her friend. My gaze shifts to the redhead next to her, and my eyes widen while taking her in. That fiery red hair is falling in waves around her face. She’s wearing a black leather jacket and ripped jeans which makes her look like a tough biker chick, a contradiction with the tie-dyed shirt she has on underneath. She’s eclectic and definitely not the type of woman who would normally attract my attention, but as she raises the shot glass to Marcel and throws it back with a smile, there’s something about the way her pale face lights up the room. The way her bright pink lipstick makes me want to see it wrapped around my cock. Her body is slim, but she sure as shit has curves in all the right places.

She is stunning.

Fucking breathtaking.

And I can’t take my eyes off her.

I watch as she makes her way with Brianna, through the crowd and to the middle of the dance floor. The way her body moves in time with the music has my cock so fucking hard I can’t stand it. I know right now Nash is going through his own emotions watching Brianna, and I need to be here for him however this night is going to pan out. But fuck, Brianna’s friend is doing all kinds of strange things to me that no other woman has done before.

The redhead grabs Brianna’s waist and starts moving in time with her. Seeing them move together is so fucking sexy it makes my heart race.

Then, as if she can sense me ogling her, her eyes flick across the room, locking onto mine. It’s like she shoots an arrow straight into my chest, making my breathing hitch as she continues to dance with Brianna while staring at me.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Nash grunts out.

I couldn’t agree more.

Suddenly, a man steps in, slides his arm around Brianna from behind, and begins to grind himself into her ass. Breaking my eyes from the bombshell, I snap my head to Nash, his face turning redder by the second, and I know we are in trouble.

“Hell no.” Nash goes to storm off toward them, and I yank on his arm. “Nash, stalker… remember?”

He shakes his head, turning back to me. “She’s making a fool of herself out there. Drinking, flirting with dickheads, when she should be preparing for the meeting tomorrow.”

“Really? That’s what you’re going with? She should be preparing for the meeting? That’s why you’re angry right now?”

He shoves me off him and storms toward her while I shake my head. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” I mumble under my breath as he stalks toward her.

I watch him approach Brianna. The other guy who was hitting on her seems to have vanished while Nash and I were discussing his inability to leave Brianna alone, and when she spots him, Brianna doesn’t seem pleased at all.

Crash and burn, my friend.

Shaking my head, I wait for her to hit him or send him packing. From here, it looks like she is having some terse words with him when another guy approaches them. I step forward because it seems like it might get out of hand. I will need to help my best friend out even if he is being an ass, but Nash throws his hands into the air, obviously taking the hint from Brianna’s savior, and starts walking back toward me.

Yeah, definitely crash and burn.

I turn to see the rest of our group all staring and watching this scene play out.

Nash makes it back, and I slap his shoulder. “You okay?”

He grunts out something unintelligible and slumps into his seat. “She’s impossible!”

We all let out a laugh.

I sit next to him. “So she’s not falling for the usual Nash charm? You gotta work harder. That, or let it go.”

“I say let her go, and let me see if I can convince her to take on a real man,” Dane quips, and we all turn, throwing stink eyes at him.

He chuckles in reply. “I’m kidding. I’ve just never seen you a sappy sack of shit before, Nash. It’s fucking weird.”

Tahlee smiles. “I think it’s sweet.”

Nash dips his head. “Thanks, I think,” he mumbles, his eyes turning back to Brianna and watching her every move.

I glance back over at her friend, watching her dancing with Brianna, and I still can’t shake the feeling of her calling to me. It’s magnetism. I’ve never felt such a pull to a woman I know nothing about before. This shit’s messing with my head. “Nash, who’s her friend?”

He turns to me and shrugs. “I think that’s her roommate.”

“Do you know her name?”

Nash shakes his head. “Nope. I don’t really know anything about her… why?”

I wave it off. “No reason.”

Nash narrows his eyes on me. “Lucas!”

Raising my hands in the air, I let out a laugh. “Relax, Nash. I’m not on the prowl. Designated driver, remember?”

“Speaking of… I need another drink. All of this commotion has me needing some sustenance,” Dane calls out. “Tahlee, Cleo, ’nother round?”

“Yeah, thanks, Dane,” Cleo states.

“Not for me. Thanks, though,” Tahlee adds while I continue to watch Brianna’s mystery friend.

Nash broods beside me as the two girls dance the night away and have the time of their lives. Eventually, I spot Brianna making a beeline for the bathrooms, and her friend heads for the bar. But before I have a second to say anything, Nash is out of his seat and walking toward the bathroom. I’m sure he will make it into the hall before Brianna pushes her way through the throngs of people.

I smirk, shaking my head.

Go get her, you old dog.

Turning my head, I spot her friend. Knowing she is going to be on her own for however long Nash takes with Brianna, I can’t in all good conscience let her stand on her own now, can I?

What kind of gentleman would do that?

Standing, I ignore our group, who I know are talking to me about something, but I get up anyway and make my way to the bar. I slide in next to the redheaded beauty as she stands with her fresh drinks.

She spots me, eyes me up and down, and lets out a small laugh. “What is it with this bar and suits?”

I raise my brow. “You don’t like guys wearing suits?”

She glances down at her leather jacket and ripped jeans. “Do I look like a woman who cares about fancy, stuck-up snobbery?”

I can’t help but laugh. “Little judgmental, don’t you think?”

“So you’re not a stuck-up snob?”

I tilt my head. “No, I probably am, but regardless, I know a beautiful woman when I see one.”

She sticks her tongue out, making a gagging sound. “Vom, pass. I mean, you’re hot and all, but smooth talking doesn’t work on me, sir.”

Fuck. She really is something.

“What does work on you?”

She rolls her shoulders, taking a sip of her drink. “Being straight up. No fucking about. Definitely no games. If you can’t tell me who you are in twenty words or less, then I don’t want to know about you.”

Challenge accepted.

“Okay… I’m Lucas, COO of my best friend’s company. I like sex. I use humor as a crutch. Love spicy food.” Her eyes widen when I shrug. “I believe that was within twenty words?”

She grins. “Well, technically, twenty-one if you include ‘okay.’”

“So, that’s a fail?” I ask, sliding a little closer.

Her beautiful green eyes lock with mine. “I think you passed. I wouldn’t say with flying colors, but… you understood the assignment.”

“Well then, because I passed, I think it’s only fair you tell me about yourself… in twenty words or less, of course.”

She smirks, dipping her head. “Fair… Paisley, I’m an artist. I also love sex and spicy food. Sleepless in Seattle is life. Pet hedgehog called Annie.”

My stomach knots at her words. She loves sex too. It’s like a flashing neon sign telling me to fuck her. The urge inside me begins to creep up, the feeling tingling down my spine. The problem is once I fuck—just like Tahlee said—I flee. And there’s something about Paisley that has me intrigued. I don’t want to use her like that, and for some reason, I don’t want this attraction to be over before it’s begun.

“Nice to meet you, Paisley.” I place my hand out. She smiles down at it and slides her small palm into mine. The second our hands connect, it’s like all the noise in the bar quiets down, and all I see is her.

I can’t explain it.

The tingles in my spine ignite tenfold, spreading across my skin, and every atom in my body comes alive from a simple touch.

I’ve never felt anything like that before.

Her breath catches in her throat like she’s just as affected by this as I am, and our eyes lock. Staring at each other.

“Nice to meet you too.” She smiles wide, then suddenly lets out a little hiccup. It’s cute as fuck.

Her eyes widen. “Shit, sorry.”

I turn to Marcel behind the bar. “Marcel, can we grab a couple of waters?”

He nods, filling two tall glasses, and slides them our way. I dip my head at him and hand one to her. “Here, it will help.”

She hiccups again, so she picks the glass up and drinks the whole thing quickly while I sip on mine. “So, am I to believe you’re here with Nash and his friends?”

“He’s my boss. I’m his second-in charge.”

She huffs. “What’s it like coming second?”

I waggle my brows. “I always like to come second.”

Paisley smirks, placing her glass back on the bar. “You’re sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

I lean in closer, her floral smell invading my senses. “I’m sure of one thing.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

I lean against her ear and whisper, “I wanna make you come first, multiple times while you’re screaming my name.”

She pulls back slightly, our mouths so close I can smell the cocktails she’s been drinking tonight. “What makes you think I wouldn’t get you there first?”

My hand slides up, sitting on her hip, pulling her closer to me. “Because I am all about giving you pleasure. I want to make you feel good, Paisley. This isn’t about me.”

She inhales slowly, placing her hand on my chest. Her eyes bore deeply into mine. “Prove it!” she taunts.

My hand snakes up into her hair, gripping tight, and I pull her head back slightly while whispering in her ear, “Come home with me. We can live out whatever fantasy you want.”

She licks her bottom lip, breathing faster as she slowly nods. “Okay, but I have to tell Brianna I’m leaving.”

Smiling, I tilt my head to the side, and she follows my line of sight to where Nash and Brianna are walking out of the bar together.

Nash is holding Brianna’s hand tightly while they exit.

Paisley lets out a small laugh before she turns back to me. “Take me to your place, Lucas.”

Letting go of her hair, I gesture for her to lead the way, mainly so I can check out her ass in these tight-as fuck jeans she’s wearing. She struts ahead of me, and when we walk out of the bar, I take her hand. My skin prickles in goose bumps while I walk with her around the back of the bar to the parking lot and straight to my car. Her glorious smile lights up the New Orleans night sky as I pull out my keys and unlock the door. Neither of us say anything, only heightening the mood of the moment.

I open the passenger door for her, she slides in, and as I walk around to my door, the sense of accomplishment that I am going to fill that urge again washes over me. That thrill, that spark of excitement rolls through me, making this all the more fucking electrifying. I open my door and slide into the driver’s side, then turn to look at Paisley.

She’s so sure of herself.

So confident.

A woman so different from the usual blonde bimbos I fuck.

As our eyes connect across the car, my stomach clenches, tightening in a way that I’ve never felt before. It’s unusual, but it feels good. She gives me a sideways smirk—the gesture sexy as sin—then as quickly as she looked at me, her eyes shift away.

I know full well that as soon as I fuck her, all bets are off.

Whatever this magnetism is, it will be gone.

And right now, the urge to fuck her is stronger than my curiosity to figure out whatever this new feeling is that I am feeling. 

“You ready?” I ask as all thoughts of ‘designated driver’ evaporate from my mind.

“I hope you fuck faster than you drive,” she quips with a smirk.

Laughing, I waggle my brows, starting my car and revving a few times. “Oh, Paisley, you don’t know what you’re in for.” Slamming my foot on the gas, I take off, and she jerks back in the seat with a wide smile, clenching her thighs together.

Paisley likes to live dangerously.

Good to know.

I’m gonna show her just how dangerous it can get with me.


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Packed with wonderful sexy tension, you will be unable to put down K E Osborn’s Revel Rose Billionaires Series. Sit back and enjoy. I’ll bring the popcorn.


Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2022

Guarded Hearts was a read that will have you all up in your feels! Paisley and Lucas have an undeniable and immediate attraction to one another-- but Lucas only does one night or so he thinks... Traumas are revealed, secrets are kept-- can these two overcome all the obstacles that are in front of them? Love and life are hard and sometimes complicated & K E Osborn does any amazing job of taking us on heck of an emotional journey. A definite must read!