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Leather-look Texture Cover • Paperback
Book 5 of TBA • Can be read as part of the incomplete series or as a standalone.
Trope: Friends to Lovers


Everything changed in the blink of an eye.

I wasn’t expecting it.
The way my life would be irrevocably altered in seconds.

Sophie was a painful part of my past I’d rather forget. Fifteen years ago, she packed her things and hightailed it without a word. Now she’s back—but she brought with her my teenage daughter, whom I didn’t know existed.

At first, I felt betrayed. 
I don’t know how to be a father. 

The problem is—I don’t have a choice.
Sophie is sick and running out of time.

But even with the dark clouds swirling with fear and uncertainty, I have one guiding light—Frankie. We’ve been darting around our feelings for a while.
But maybe we’ve left it too long because I have responsibilities now.
People who need me to take care of them.
But maybe Frankie needs me to take care of her too.
And if I lose sight of that, will I end up putting her in the ultimate danger?


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